Hand Stamped Vintage Silverplated Flatware

Opidell’s is gearing up for wedding season by offering hand stamped vintage silver plated flatware for that special day.  We offer personalized couples cake forks, cake servers, punch ladles, serving spoons, teaspoons, table marker spoons, and much more.  All pieces can be personalized with names, dates, and special messages.

All pieces are hand polished, stamped to your order, and can be personally picked out by you, if you choose.  We have several different fonts in upper and lower case, punctuation marks, and specialty stamps as well.  If there is a stamp or font you  would like that we do not have on hand, we would be happy to order it for you for a surcharge.

Pieces are limited and some specialty pieces are harder to keep on hand, so please put your order in at least 30 days in advance of your special day.  Our individual price list is below, but if you have a large specialty order of 20 or more pieces, we can offer a 10% discount on your total price.

Price List

Pair of Couples Cake Forks     $24

Cake Server                          $35

Punch Ladle                          $25

Serving Spoons                     $16

Meat Fork                             $18

Table Marker Spoons             $8

Teaspoons                            $8

Dinner Forks                         $10

Butter Knife                          $15

Jelly Server                           $15

Sugar Spoon                         $15


3 thoughts on “Hand Stamped Vintage Silverplated Flatware”

  1. patty burns said:

    how do I order? I need 4 of each: spoon, dinner fork, knife


    • Hi Patty, You can email me direct with questions at opidells@hotmail.com. You can also visit my Etsy store and ask for a custom item nd this is where you would check out. Let me know how I can help!

      • Patty Burns said:

        That’s so funny, I’m from louisville originally. I don’t see the stamped flatware I saw originally on your etsy sight. I don’t remember what was stamped on them Maybe, fish, steak, peas….something like That. Let me know if you still have.

        Thanks! Patty

        Sent from my iPhone


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