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Well, it’s been a while since I blogged about the Heywood Wakefield Bedroom Makeover.  I thought I would give everyone a break because you Readers may be a bit sick of my obsession.  Anyhow, the bed arrived on March 4rth, 2013 and Chaddy Daddy worked hard putting it together while I snapped pictures like an eager paparazzi.


We opted for a platform bed kit as well so we could get rid of the box spring and be lower to the ground.  That way it won’t hurt so bad when I edge Chaddy Daddy out so far he topples to the floor…it has happened.


Kitty helped by making sure the mattress didn’t go anywhere during the setup…


Here she is all dressed up and accompanied by her trusty sidekick nightstands!



Chaddy Daddy surprised me with the pair of Vintage Venetian Blind lamps sitting on the night stands.  I found them on Etsy and he snuck and ordered them for me…isn’t he sweet???


Chaddy Daddy also refinished the Mr. & Mrs. Chest of Drawers and mirror.  He did such an awesome job.  The pictures can’t show you how wonderful it looks and smells now compared to before!



So here are a few full circle pics of the room…


Now I need wall art and accessories…. What should I put above the bed?


What about above the High Boy?  I was thinking about a starburst mirror!


I’ll have fun finding the little details one piece at a time during our treasure hunts and pickin’ trips.  The hard part was finding all the furniture pieces and that’s over…for this room at least :).