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So the Heywood Wakefield bedroom makeover is slowly but surely coming along.  The room is painted a lovely shade called Polar Gray, which is a soothing soft, icy bluish gray color in semi-gloss just perfect for peaceful slumber.  The bed will arrive Monday, March 4rth and I’m so excited I can’t stand it.  Anyhow, I have collected the rest of the Heywood Wakefield bedroom pieces from the Encore line in wheat finish, including a high boy chest of drawers in excellent original finish, a Mr. and Mrs. dresser in very poor condition, and two extremely hard to find nightstands that were recently refinished by the eBay seller from which I bought them.

The High Boy Chest of Drawers

The High Boy

The High Boy

So after ordering the bed, I scoured online auction sites within a tri-state area for upcoming sales of Heywood Wakefield furniture.  I found one up north that had the High Boy, a set of end tables, a Chair, and a full sized bed.  As well, I found an online auction with a Heywood Wakefield buffet and a table with four chairs.  The pick up point for this auction was only 30 minutes from the other day-of auction, so I placed my bids and crossed my fingers.  I ended up winning the buffet and dining table set and so Chaddy Daddy and I made a weekend trip out of the deal.  It was the first week in February 2013 and, of course, a snow storm had to hit….

Karmatic Snow Storm

Karmatic Snow Storm

The highways were so bad that only one lane was really navigable and we slid several times.  I began wondering if Heywood Wakefield furniture was worth dying over…and decided we should continue on.

So the first stop was to pick up the table, chairs, and buffet.  The buffet was in good condition, but the table and chairs were very poor and will need refinished.  Loading solid wood furniture in the sloshy wet snow was undeniably no fun….

Chaddy Daddy looking not so happy to be doing my bidding in the lovely weather...

I’m pretty sure I photographically captured the moment Chaddy Daddy was either plotting my murder or his own suicide. What’s he going to do with that rope?


The buffet barely fit in the back of the Suburban…


These chairs will need TOTALLY refinished…summer project.


Oh, one day you’ll look so lovely in the future dining room Chaddy Daddy has no idea I’m designing…

DSCF5808 DSCF5805 DSCF5804

So after the pickup we headed to the big city hotel and partied all night so we would be nice and exhausted for the next day’s auction…

We saw an arrest made after a brawl in front of a...clinic of some sort...

On the way, we saw an arrest made after a brawl in front of a…clinic of some sort…

We ate and drank a lot!

We ate and drank a lot!

...and Chaddy Daddy did some more skydiving...

…and Chaddy Daddy did some more skydiving…

So the next day, we got up bright and early, ate breakfast, and headed to the auction house…


I was hoping the weather would deter most people from attending, but I think everyone had the same hope and came out anyway to see if they were lucky enough to be right…

The place was packed full of antiques, mostly glassware and guns, with a small assortment of antique furniture as well.  I spied the Heywood Wakefield grouping quickly, as it looked a bit out of place amongst all the old mahogany pieces.


Full Sized Bed in Champagne Finish


My High Boy


A chair and two end-tables I had to give up on and walk away without…bummer.

So in the end, I won the High Boy by gritting my teeth and bidding up to my top dollar number.  Fortunately, my top dollar was $10 higher than my competitor’s and I won the piece by the skin of my teeth.  I also won the full sized bed at a surprisingly low price and had several people tell me later that I was lucky to have “stolen” it.  Sometimes the auction gods are in my favor…what can I say?

The Mr. & Mrs. Dresser


The Mr. & Mrs. Dresser was a Craigslist find I came across three hours away in northern, Ohio.  The seller said  the piece was structurally sound but the finish was in poor condition.  After haggling an extra $50 off the already low price, we agreed to meet in the parking lot of the seller’s local Wal-Mart, as is standard with most  Craigslist transactions.  Although the seller’s description of the piece was honest, I forgot to ask, and he did not disclose, that the piece came from a smoking household.  By the smell of the piece, this was a chain-smoking, non-filtered Camel Reds kind of household with no windows or ventilation system as well.  We put it in the bedroom and now fear we’ll contract black lung from the very odor it emanates if we don’t hurry up and refinish it soon!

This is the top of the dresser after some sanding, which I did in the bedroom knowing I wasn't supposed to and got caught!

This is the top of the dresser after some sanding, which I did in the bedroom knowing I wasn’t supposed to and got caught!


Dresser Front…this thing can hold a lot of clothing! It may be called Mr. & Mrs., but it might end up all Mrs.!

The Night Stands

Encore Night Stands

Encore Night Stands

I bought the nightstands off eBay from a Pennsylvania seller by the handle name jwb213.  I almost lost them at the last minute, but won them by a hair because I put in my maximum bid early and beat out a last minute bidder.

My little night stand pod!  Isn't is cute!

My little night stand pod! Isn’t it cute!

So all that’s left is the bed, which will be here Monday!  I’ll be sure to post about it as soon as we get it up and functional.  Still have to refinish the Mr. & Mrs. Dresser as well, but that’s a whole other post in itself.