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So it is the New Year and I, like many others, am filled with inpiration, hope, and a plethera of goals for the New Year.  I hope it lasts past “Blue Monday, January 23rd, 2013, the most depressing day of the year calculated by Dr. Cliff Arnall…read about it here http://thepopularman.com/blue-monday-2013-the-worst-day-of-the-year/.

Anyway, my resolution / goal list is numbered 25 so far. There is the normal ‘exercise and eat better’ resolution, along with the other usual self and life improving promises we all convince ourselves we’ll do come the first of the year.  However, this year, I have a new one.  I’m going to allow myself to keep more of the beautiful, wonderful vintage treasures I find at auctions and sales and incorporate them into my life.  I already do this to a dregree, but I have found that I offer up the best finds to the shop.

Recently, the shop was featured in an article by BG Magazine about vintage shops in Lexington.  One of the questions the interviewer asked me was “how would you suggest people use vintage and antique items in their homes?”  I tried my best to answer the question by suggesting that one should try to be creative and use imagination to come up with different purposes for vintage items instead of just collecting them on a shelf. But after re-stocking part of the store with Chad this holiday, I came to realize that it is perfectly OK to use these items in everyday life as  their original pupose intended.

For instance, the picture below is a collection of vintage Pyrex casserole dishes I curerntly have in the shop.  I love them.  I think they are beautiful and their colors make me want to go home, turn on Billie Holiday, put on an apron, and cook fabulous comfort foods while spinning around in my kitchen wearing a wiggle dress and a beehive!  But the question is, “why don’t I do that???” Why would I chose to cook with the same bland Faberware pots and pans and serve it on the same bland Pfaltzgraff plates I always do?  I came to realize that I am afraid to ruin their vintage beauty.  I am afraid to “use” them.  They could break or become etched and faded, so I would ratehr let them sit on a shelf looking pretty forever until I die and someone elese comes along, aquires them, and lets them sit on a shelf forever in their home.  I didn’t like this way of thinking and, with Chad’s persuasion, I resolved to let go and begin keeping and USING these vintage items.  I will cook in vintage Pyrex whilst spinning around the kitchen listening to Billie Holiday!  Ok, maybe I won’t wear the wiggle dress, but definately the beehive!!!


So say “goodbye” to some of the pieces above because they are coming home with me for a new life in this brand new, exciting year.